February 1, 2016 StarWire Enterprises Petition


Starwire would like to come to our area!! With the only roadblock being a hefty permit fee. (Required by Polk co.)
We have started a petition to hopefully reduce or waive the fees.
Starwire would give many of us potential access to faster, more reliable internet service. It would also give some residents the chance to receive internet.
There is a petition to sign at various businesses in the area, Bean’s Country Griddle, Frederic Promotions, Clam Falls Tavern, Indian Creek Tavern and the home of our Treasurer. But the best part… You can also send an email by choosing the “contact us form” and we will sign your name for you, just be sure to include your name, phone # and address. We ask that you only sign once. PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE!! The petitions will be collected on Feb. 1st. Thank you for your support.